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Four Winds produces just 1750 cases of small lot bottlings each year, aimed at reflecting the underlying terroir of the fruit, and enhancing the food and wine experience. We make wines for the wine lover, made to pair with food and to age with strength and grace.

The owners of Four Winds Cellars: John & Ann Gibson and Helen & David Webster

Our wines strive to be structured, elegant and compelling. By sourcing the same vineyards for over 20 years, we know the tendencies and the characteristics of our fruit, allowing us to maintain a string of fantastic releases year after year. With the level of attention we pay to our wines throughout their production, each varietal has a long lifespan in the cellar where it continues to evolve and develop. It is our hope that the last few sips of a Four Winds wine will be as enticing as the first taste. To this end, all of our efforts are designed with one goal in mind, to create extraordinary wines that our customers love to drink. It can be technically difficult, sometimes tiring, and occasionally costly, but by putting quality above all else the end result is simply sublime.

Our Label

In creating the Four Winds label we wanted a design that would reflect both the ownership and our commitment to Sierra Foothill winemaking. The grape leaf compass, which is positioned directly over Murphys on an old California map, symbolizes the four partners. Like points on a compass, we all come from different directions but unite at the center – our passion, our business, our way of life. We are also committed to creating wines that inspire and our back label offers a unique perspective on this promise:

Make a new world, ye powers divine!
Stock’d with nothing else but Wine:
Let Wine its only product be,
Let Wine be earth, and air, and sea –
And let that Wine be all for me!

– Henry Carey, 1693-1743

The poem was written by an Englishman in the early 18th century, and it truly speaks to how we as wine producers feel about this wonderful and dynamic product. Simple and concise, nothing more need be said.